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The silk kimono by Cooltúre - feel true value close to your skin

The modern kimono silk dressing gown is unique in the quality and design of its fine silk.
Conceived for everyday western use, it deliberately dispenses with Japanese or Chinese sleeve width, fastening, appliqué, dragon embroidery and hand decoration. The brilliant colour of premium silk suffices. For the perfect fit, our silk kimonos are made in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL.

The kimono silk dressing gowns are hand-made according to exclusive Cooltúre Fashion standards of design and quality. The seams are carefully fabricated in accordance with the highest artistic standards in tailoring. Fair trade is a key factor in the manufacture.

The dressing gown and all other silk garments are made entirely from highest quality silk: hand-woven, 2-ply filament/mulberry silk. The 100% pure continuous fibre from the central part of the silk cocoon in its natural form guarantees a high degree of wearer comfort and years of pleasure in the garment. Silk threads are comparable in resilience to steel threads of the same diameter. At Cooltúre, two threads are twisted together, guaranteeing stability of form and great resilience. Silk material has a textile-like character with the advantages of hardly creasing, being non-slip and feeling exclusive. The silk threads are dyed with pure Öko-Tex 100 colours.

The high temperature adaptability properties of silk make the kimono into an all-year-round product. It keeps warm in cooler temperatures and is pleasantly cool in hot weather. Its light-weight quality also makes it an ideal travelling garment, as it fits into every suitcase.

Cooltúre design has good reasons to dissociate itself from short-lived fashion trends. The kimonos and double-face dressing gowns are for discerning lovers of silk and craftsmanship. They value uncompromising quality, comfort and individuality. All silk kimono model lines are hand-made in small quantities or individually tailored according to the wishes of the customer, as for example in new colour combinations or sizes.

The unique quality of the silk, the unbeatable intensity of the colours and the perfect cut of the silk gown all ensure a perfect sense of well-being every day, at home or whilst travelling. Pure filament silk is also best for the skin, since silk’s proteins are almost identical with those of the skin, making it also well-suited to allergy sufferers.

LOHAS, a lifestyle of health and sustainability, fair trade and ecological awareness is Cooltúre Fashion’s maxim. Cooltúre can offer you durable and sustainable silk products at excellent value for money. Not cheap, but competitively priced. Less quantity but better quality is increasingly the motto of many Cooltúre customers.

Entsprechend zu unseren Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen, können Sie ihn selbstverständlich auch umtauschen oder erhalten das Geld zurück.
Kimono Seide, Seiden Morgenmantel, Bademantel, Hausmantel, Wendekimono, Seidenmantel, Seidenbekleidung für Damen und Herren,
im exklusiven Design von Cooltúre.