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the specialist for silk material and hand-crafted clothing and accessories of the highest quality.

The exclusive collections of Reiner Eberwein, founder of COOLTÚRE Fashion and responsible for the design,
are made of the finest of all silks, hand-woven, 2-ply mulberry/filament silk. Connoisseurs consider
this the world’s best silk.

Carefully hand-dyed in an intoxicating spectrum of colours and impressive oriental luminosity, the valuable
material is made up with the highest degree of tailoring craftsmanship. The double-stitched seams sewn
precisely onto the folded edges of the material are a detail underlining the excellent workmanship.

Modern kimono gowns, blouses, waistcoats, shawls, accessories, travel bags and interior decoration by
COOLTÚRE Fashion owe their success to their modern design and traditional high quality finish.

With a COOLTÚRE Fashion product, you are purchasing exclusive individuality at unusually attractive prices.

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