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"Fashions change – style remains"
Coco Chanel

Silk is the skin for your skin since thousands of years!

Hand-woven filament/mulberry silk is the best silk in the world!

Carefully-crafted classic design for the highest standards!

Kimonos  Blouses  Waistcoats  Jackets  Clothing  Accessoires

Piece goods for exclusive interior decoration in 320 colour varieties

exclusively designed by COOLTÚRE

Feel true value next to your skin:
* 100 percent pure natural fibre  
* textile character – non-slip  
* retains its shape              
* feather light                  
* easily washable               
* brilliant colours          
* no water stains      
* very resilient and durable
* pleasantly temperature-adaptable
* to warm and cold surroundings
* dirt and odour-resistant
* pilling-free
* hardly creases, easy to iron
* ideal wearer comfort
* best fibre for the skin
* skin-care effect
* suitable for allergy sufferers
* no softeners
* in Öko-Tex 100 colours
* ecologically produced and
* fairly traded

COOLTÚRE Silk clothing epitomizes LOHAS*-style
*Lifestyle oHealth and Sustainability.

A time of changing values:

The financial crisis, increasing environmental problems and a drastic decrease in values go hand in hand with the global trend towards lifestyle alignment. This is reflected in purchasing trends with the demand for security, health and sustainability. The appreciation of valuable materials and good workmanship leads to long-term satisfaction and well-being, replacing a cost-intensive "fast food" consumer mentality.

The new values and people’s consciousness are turning inwards. A need for stress-free living and slowing down, taking care of health and preserving stability means that the desire for economically and ecologically sound and durable products has returned to the fore again: "Less quantity, more quality"

Under the COOLTÚRE label I have been offering filament silk and timeless, modern silk kimonos for 10 years. These classic products have earned their reputation thanks to my consistent quality motto. You may continue to count on this in the future when selecting your merchandise; my name is your personal guarantee.

Reiner Eberwein
Cooltúre Fashion