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Silk kimono dressing gown made out of ORIGIN ORGANIC silk.

Pure, non-dyed silk in its purest, most natural form – for a sense of unadulterated well-being.

The pure, valuable filament/mulberry silk threads are woven in absolutely un-dyed form. The Cooltúre Organic Silk Kimono is thus made out of the most original form of silk and has unique, independent characteristics.

Firstly, silk proteins are very similar to those of human skin. Secondly, it is free from any chemical treatment. Even the mulberry bushes and their leaves are chemically untreated.

The long-cut Organic Silk Kimono is extremely lightweight:
Size M weighs only c. 210 g. The light and airy silk material can hardly be felt by the wearer.
Yet silk has an unusually good temperature adaptability function, both in hot and cold surroundings. It is also highly crease-resistant and easy to care for (hand wash).

The material, which is made of continuous silk threat, has a slightly transparent character and yet still feels firm and silky. The characteristic rustle of silk makes this kimono gown a distinctive article of clothing.
Material: 100% silk
The extremely resilient and elastic natural fibre fabric looks delicate and "alive".


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Origin Silk Kimono

Origin Silk Kimono

225,00 EUR

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